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There Are Some Problems In Angling That We Want To Fix:
From the desk of Danny Walsh, 
Preston, UK:

Dear Angler,

Running a large community of anglers (almost 17,000 people) means we get to see the good, the bad and the ugly side of fishing. One thing that comes up time and time again is just how generous the angling community actually is. People are proven to give give give and give some more, especially when people are in need.... But we have noticed a dark side... There are anglers out there who take advantage of other people's kindness and this can leave a bad taste!

Recently there seems to have been an increase in burglaries! Imagine opening the shed or garage to see all of your fishing tackle stolen! This is possibly one of the most devastating things that could happen to an angler, and right there and then, their fishing dreams are over!

Often people will post about this on social media, and normally within minutes a flood of kind hearted anglers rush to the rescue, offering tackle, bait, and more - these gestures are awesome, amazing, a true reflection of how kind the Angling Community is but again there is a dark side and people are open to abuse of their kindness....

We have seen people claim to be ill in order to get tackle, make up imaginary burglaries to get free stuff, we have even seen people selling items they have been donated within minutes of receiving an item that someone has generously donated to them in the hope it helps them back to the bank!

We know there are so many genuine needs out there, not just from burglary but maybe poor circumstances, loss of a job, ill health, a divorce or otherwise... Every case is different and at Carp Global we want to be able to help!! 

Tackle 4 Change is our new, non profit side to Carp Global designed to help those less fortunate and those who want to help. Tackle 4 Change will provide a safe way to donate items to those who need them AND make sure that items always end up in the right hands... 

VIP Members will personally VET all applications to receive items and will oversee the process to prevent abuse, Carp Global will provide storage, security, insurance and will cover postage and delivery of items and will facilitate proper exchange of items to prevent any problems or bad tastes...

To be a success we need Ambassadors to help!

Being a Tackle 4 Change Ambassador means you promote good practice in your angling and want to help people less fortunate, maybe you donate tackle, bait or money, maybe you oversee applications for help or perform a role of trustee... Whatever your level of involvement, even if you just point people in our direction when they need help or want to help you will be performing a vital role in the angling community and will be helping those less fortunate to get back on the bank and enjoy fishing the way it is meant to be - safe & fun!

Membership is open to anyone who wants to help - just sign up to receive regular emails and find out how to donate to those less fortunate in a safe and secure way... 

Everything we do is tracked, traced and accounted for, all money raised is kept separate to Carp Global's Business ventures and will only be used by the trustees for charitable purposes.... 

Sign up today and let's make a difference!!

Tight Lines 

Danny Walsh - Founder, Carp Global Fishing LTD

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Tackle 4 Change is a non profit organisation with charitable aims and objectives